Crash Garry's Mod

Hello people!, before nothing give you them thanks in advance!, is that from makes a month or so the garry’s mod, not for of crashear, have tried of all, left of subscribe me to all them addon’s that had, uninstalled garry’s mod, I checked many times the integrity and cache of the game in properties of library, not know that more do, am as 1 min if arrives in garry’s mod , and suddenly freezes me all the pc and the garry’s mod does not work, then the close tells me that hl2.exe has stopped working, my computer would pull it, I play cs go, weapon 3, Assassin’s creed: syndicate, gta 5 and I have no problems in either, it only occurs in garry’s mod.

Best Regards!.


Delete the game :slight_smile: by some uninstaller and install in another drive, that work for me