Crash help needed

Tried joining server then crash/freezed on “Loading Large Monuments”

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~~Don’t ask for specs you most likely won’t do anything with the information.

Specs are relevant to the discussion because if you have insufficient system or GPU memory, it is possible the game is crashing as it is loading things in to memory and running out of room.  At least please confirm System Memory and GPU Card specs to eliminate insufficient memory as a possible cause of your problems.

NEVERMIND, I pulled your specs from the output_log:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit

Model: Intel® Core™ i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz
Cores: 4
Memory: 12210 MB

Model: Intel® HD Graphics Family
API: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.0]
Memory: 3164 MB
SM: 50

Also, how are you launching? Are you using the default option or launching with Direct X9?
Answered this question as well from looking at the logs. Try launching in Direct X9 mode and see if it doesnt cut down on the massive amount of DX11 errors you are getting in your logs
Are you launching Steam as an administrator?

Im not an expert, but my first impression from the logs is either that you are not launching steam as an admin (lots of invalid access errors) or you are running out of memory (again, invalid access errors)

“don’t ask for my drug allergies or medical history doctor, they are irrelevant to my treatment today.”

specs are the basic building blocks of troubleshooting, and not meeting min specs tends to be the cause of most errors here; not providing yours will get you nowhere.