Crash, if a barrel explode near the screen

Damn, this is a really bad problem for me, because of my ZS Server, we need to explode barrels for kill zombies, but if the barrel explode near my pc just crash and reboot, That is annoying…

Someone knows how to fix this???

System Specs:

Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 2
Intel Pentium Dual CPU @ 2.00GHz
2x DDR 500mb RAM (1gb RAM)
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
64MB Video RAM
HDD: 140 GB
2nd HDD: 80 GB

Oh I see what’s wrong here!

Your computer is terrible! :science:

Jajajaja, i know, there is not a way to reduce the crashes??

Uh, turn down graphics settings? Try Dx8?

Try burning your current rig, and making a new system!

Trying DX 8 :stuck_out_tongue:



Still Crashing :S

Whip out the firebomb! :buddy:

Easyist solution,Burn your computer! SOLVED! D:

Common Dudes, help me a bit more, I don’t to burn this PC, is Not Mine :X

DX 7

Because your PC is shit. You would be better off buying a new one

Well of course if a barrel explodes near your PC it will cause a crash

Joking aside, All I can suggest is working in windowed mode it made my game crash less when I was on an old computer.

You might want to upgrade or just buy a better PC.
2gb of ram would good if you do upgrade

how the FUCK are you even playing gmod with just 64Mb?