Crash Mid game

Someone please help me my game keeps crashing for no reason and it says this message k_EAuthSeasionResponseVACCheckTimedOut I dont know what it means and I cant play please help.

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I have redownloaded the game and it still happens also

It means your computer is unable to reach Valve’s VAC servers when VAC decides to perform a scan on you. If Steam is down, that usually happens. You may also have networking problems somewhere along the line.

When’s the last time you factory reset your router?

It has been a while do you think that would help

Routers go senile after a while, so it might.

Also, are you connecting on a wired or wireless connection to the router? And do you have antivirus or firewall software installed? (The Windows firewall counts, if it’s turned on, although it shouldn’t mess with VAC unless set to maximum paranoia.)

I just restarted the router and i have like the default microsoft viris protection and i use ethernet cable for my internet

Now, there’s a difference between restarting the router by just unplugging it and plugging it back in (which you should also do from time to time) and resetting it to factory default settings. Exactly how to do that depends on the make and model of router, but it tends to fix some problems.

oh i just turned it of then back on

More often than not, I find this fixes itself after a few minutes. I’ve being using windowed mode for a few weeks, since it starting disconnecting with alt-tab, and I haven’t had a VAC time out since. Probably, just a coincidence though.

This has never happend to me before it just started happening like a couple days ago

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It has not fixed it self and its been 3 days

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I also live in wyoming so a connection problem could happen

Google your router’s make and model and “factory reset” (e.g. “linksys WRT54G factory reset”) and you’ll get instructions on how. TYPICALLY it’s something like “unplug the power to the router to turn it off, stick a pin in the reset hole on the back and hold it in, power the router back on, and hold the pin in for 30 seconds while the router boots up, then let it reboot itself automatically”.

Note: You will lose any port-forwarding settings, and you’re also resetting the wireless password and the router admin password to defaults. Google the router’s make and model and “admin password” to find out what the default is (usually “admin” for username and password, or blank username and “admin” password, or some variation) after the reset if you need to reconfigure anything.

I dont feel like doing that and its not my router. If it was it would have happend before the new update but it just started after this new update and alot of other poeple are having the same problem idk if you are a facepunch dev or anything like that but if you are can u try to find out the problem and fix it as fast as you can