Crash Nitro Kart Models

Seeing as how we already have a lovely group of individuals making and soon releasing models from Crash Twinsanity, I got to thinking. Maybe we can get certain models from Crash Nitro Kart and fix them up a bit for use in Gmod?.

To be Specific, I’m talking about certain characters like Zem and Zam, N-Tranced, Fake Crash, the bosses, characters that aren’t in Twinsanity as well as the Karts and possibly the items too.

It would be a bit hard seeing as how places like Models Resource only has ONE model for CNK, but if people were able to do this for Twinsanity then I’m sure someone has interest in having the CNK models in Gmod too.

So I’m asking, Not demanding or begging but simply asking anyone:

Can you port the following models from CNK?

The Karts for Team Crash, Team Cortex, Team Oxide,Team Trance, and Team Velo (The Boss Karts)
The Items (Freeze Mine ,Missile Etc)

Characters (Possibly With Face Posing)

Fake Crash
Crunch (Unless he ends up in the Twinsanity Pack)
Oxide (Again Unless he’s in TwinPack)
Both Big and Little Norm
Velo and Real Velo.

Thank you for your time. :wink: