Crash on changelevel - multiple servers / regions


There seems to be an issue which has started with the last “cough” vulnerability which causes the servers to crash following the map change, at least on our specific set of servers. After extensive debugging we have narrowed the problem down to when the gamemode executed the console command “changelevel”. This is on all servers owned by this particular community which includes multiple US, FR and EU hosted gamemodes (Prophunt, Murder, and Hide’n Seek). The logs provide absolutely no details as the last event logged (even with debug flag) is the fact it received the command.

This is a very serious problem affecting a fairly active community of servers as after the 10 rounds the votemap change comes up and if the map is changed; the server sometimes crashes then leading to disconnects of all of the users in the server.

Some reiteration and extended details:
This problem did not exist before the “cough” patch.
There has been no configuration changes since this patch.
There is no logging available to be provided; other than the confirmation the console received the command “changelevel [map]”.
This affects all maps.
This is a frequent but not 100% persistent issue; which has no consistent factors that appear to lead to cause this.
The servers are all windows based.
The servers are more than capable of hosting these servers.

Thanks in advance for any support in resolving this matter,