Crash on compile

If I could get you guys a compile log I would but Hammer crashes before I can do anything.

I have a fairly simple, albeit large map for Garry’s Mod. It has two giant brushes set in the map with water placed around them. In between the two brushes are 3 bridges. They are carved up, but they are pretty much entirely func_detail.

On the other side is a small spawn building (Area portal’d) with a window that is func_detail. (There is an area portal in front of it to stop leaking) In front of this structure are three piers that do not intersect with the water. The ramps leading up from them are also func_details.

The water is not overlapping with ANYTHING and I have the water closed in with brushes with regular textures, not skybox. The sea floor fills the bottom of the map, and no water seems to leak out from anywhere.

Oh if it helps any the portal flow goes like dis:

1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4. . . 5 . . and then Hammer freezes up and crashes.

I had a similar problem with a map that used giant cylinders. Fixing overlaps and making them func_details really helped and the thing that used to freeze and crash compiled in under 60 seconds. No such luck this time.

Please, if you have any light to shed on this problem, reply.

Why did you carve?

Get the entire compile log. It can be found in steam\steamapps\sourcesdk_content\game\mapname.log
and paste it in here. Use [noparse]

[/noparse] tags please.

Would carving have anything to do with it?

Yes. Carving creates oddities. Use clip like you are meant to.

Never ever ever ever ever use carve…ever…ever…ever

I’m sick of seeing problems to do with carve.

Ok, I know carving is notorious for making unneeded visleafs. But I figure I can at least make it a func_detail. Anyway so if I need to carve, what alternative do you guys suggest? I’m genuinely interested.

Carving is good if you know what you’re doing.

Well I spent another half hour searching around, got my answer. Set the VVIS…VVS…that thing that begins with a V to “fast”.

setting vvis to fast ruins optimization.

Why not post the compile log like I said and we can debug problems from there :colbert:

Moderator plz delete thread before I get beat up by respected forum members


There is no point in carving. You get safer cuts with clip.

Who said that carving was good anyway?

Because i will mail them a dead octopus.