Crash on connection to multiplayer.

Gmod was working absolutely fine last night, although when I tried connecting to a server today my game would crash just before it got to sending client info. I tried connecting to multiple different servers and nothing seems to work, I’ve uninstalled recently updated addons, deleted a large portion of my Gmod folder, and more, but nothing seems to work.

Here’s a copy of one of my many crash dumps!

I’ll update this threat if I manage to fix the issue.

Unmount CS:GO if you have it mounted.

I unmounted it and I’m still experiencing the same issues.

I disabled all of my addons through Gmod and I can connect to servers, although errors are everywhere.

I’d have a go at disabling certain addons and trying to figure out what’s causing it, problem is I have 48 pages of subscribed workshop items.

Is there a way to find out what specific addon is causing it?

Update: I resolved it, seems a certain addon was causing it. Crysis Bow or something.