Crash on default loading screens

Hello, I searched the forums and could not find anybody else having this issue, so I assume that I am somehow at fault for this.

Anywho, as of about six months ago I started to experience these random crashes on loading screens, at first I simply brushed these off and assumed it was just Gmod being Gmod. However, I adventually noticed a pattern for these crashes. It appears that any server using the default loading screen will crash for me, as in, it will be “retrieving server info”, fill up 3/4 of the bar, and then either crash or get stuck in (what I believe to be) an eternal state of limbo until being tabbed out (there is the typical “Hl2.exe has stopped working” message, so it really just crashes).

Any words of advice? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Gmod, and verifying the intergrity (yes, that is the extent of my abilities, each are probably completely unnecessary).

And of course, any games with a custom loading screen will not crash (aside from the typical random Gmod crash).