Crash On Launch

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been actively involved in GMod, but recently I talked with a friend who bought a server, and he asked me if I could do some coding for him. So for the past two days I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and everything was working fine. I got some addons from the workshop, and one from online, and everything worked well. Then I tried starting GMod just minutes after I closed it (I was frequently opening and closing it to make quick changes to code to fix it) and it didn’t even make it to the main menu. It starts, lasts about 2 seconds on the blue screen with the word “Loading…” in the bottom right in a black box, and then it crashes to desktop, hl2.exe has stopped working.

So far, I’ve tried validating the game integrity (found 2 files and replaced them, still crashed) removing the addons from the addon folder (after unsubscribing from them, just in case), and when that didn’t work, I did a clean reinstall. I validated after the install just to make sure, and it was 100% valid. So without subscribing to any addons or replacing the the ones I removed, I tried launching again. Nothing changed, it behaved the same way as before. I checked a few other threads to see if I could find an answer, and tried what suggestions they gave. I don’t have any .mdmp files in Steamapps/Garrysmod/, and I checked my mount.cfg file. It was reset to default (cstrike and tf there but commented out), so I set the paths correctly for them and uncommented them. Still nothing.

Before I did a clean reinstall of steam (something I don’t really want to do), I wanted to see if anyone might have any other suggestions while I continue trying to figure this out. This is probably old, but I noticed there’s not a hl2 folder in steamapps/Garrysmod/. I remember before (and this might show how long it’s been since I played) there was a folder with some basic resources in it. Just figured I’d mention that, since I saw it missing (probably Garrysmod doesn’t require it anymore, but I figured I’d give any information I could).

Thanks to anyone who can help,