Crash on round start

I have came across an issue that seems to be quite a bitch. It basically crashes the server on the round start (TTT). I have no idea what is causing it as there seems to be no lua errors or console indication. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

What addons are you running? Have you enabled condebug? What version are you running? Have you modified core files?

Some of the addons:
Most reccent.

I’ve found out that the error occurs when I try to add custom weapons to auto spawn on TTT. Any idea how I could fix this? :slight_smile:

It usually is because things are still happening during round restarts like mic talking and shooting. Usually a server running a round based gamemode should freeze for like a second and stop everything from happening while it quickly initializes a new round. If things are still going on WHILE people are just respawning then it usually crashes a server

(Sorry if I am talking shit, a bit tired.)

Its definitely something to do with the custom weapons that replace the default ones on maps. I added them and the server crashed at the round start (tried it 5 times and it crashed every time). i then removed the custom weapon files and it would work fine. There are no issues with the custom weapon files as they have worked previously on my server. All I know is that there is an issue for sure and it is preventing the server from allowing the weapons to spawn and the server to stay up. Thanks anyhow :stuck_out_tongue: