I have been having a hell of a lot of problems lately, since i got the new ADSL2 Wireless Modem. My OS is Vista, had no problems in past with our router, but our new modem (Thomson TG782T) is interfering somewhere.

At first, i simply had to turn off my norton firewall to work it. Eventually, a gmod update, and it stopped working.

I am attempting to connect to a DarkRP server, but this issue happens with a whole lot of servers.

When i connect, everything loads fine, files download, but as i reach SENDING CLIENT INFO, it pauses, wait about a minute, and then the wheel that moves around the G keeps spinning on for ages, not connecting. If i click cancel, try to reconnect, i get STEAM VALIDATION REJECTED, as if I crashed withing the server.

It used to, in sending client info, pause for a second, start up for about 3 seconds, then load the server. Now i just crash whenever i try to join.

Any one have this issue occur, currently or in the past? And does anyone know a fix. I should be able to supply more info if it is needed, just ask what it is :slight_smile:

I know the problem. Wireless internet. Wireless is not good for games. It will sometimes turn off every now and then. I suggest connecting back to a modem just for playing games. Then when you are done switch the cables back.

Well, tried that tbh, it didnt work. I do have this though, 2 images, but they are linked on another site, and I cbf uploading to imageshack

But seems non members cant open the images so i dont have a hell of a lot of choice, so here you go