Crash on start up at Bootstrap systems

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this but the game is crashing consistently at start up when at bootstrap systems. I have tried running in compatibility mode and reinstalling.

Has anyone else had the same issue since yesterday and successfully fixed it?

A crash log is generated, Im not sure if it would be helpful posting it here or not, im not even sure if it is advisable.

Computer specs ? Laptop ?
Happened to me when my “default” GPU was the integrated Intel HD 4600 one and not the performance NVIDIA.
Try this out in the Nvidia pannel if you have plural GPUs

Nope 285 gtx, i7, 6gb ram running win 7. I know the card is old but I have had no issues on other games and no issues with rust until today.

Well… try to verify the integrity of the game cache maybe ?
Sorry can’t help more :confused: