Crash on startup, no crashlogs

I haven’t started GMOD for a while, but when I tried to today, it didn’t start.

The GMOD window pops up for a second or so after it “launches”. After that it closes. No errors, no mdmp’s. Nothing.

I have deleted all my addons and have already reinstalled GMOD.

I also deleted my clientregistry.blob in the steam folder since it solves a lot of problems. Still having the problem though.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Bump, still having this problem.

run in windows xp compatability mode

How would I go about on doing this? Making a shortcut on desktop and enabling XP compatibility didnt help.

are you using vista?

Windows 7 (Retail). It worked fine a while ago but just stopped working all of the sudden.

im having same problem but it goes to the guy putting hte cone on the guys head than it shows the blue screen for like 2 sec than it restarts is it my drivers i updated them.

My drivers are also fully updated. That isn’t the problem.

This is happening to me but I get an error saying “hl2.exe is not responding”

So nobody knows the solution to this problem?

Use these and right click Garry’s Mod and to go Properties>edit startup line.

Try changing the resolution or set it to windowed mode.

Thanks a lot. It starts properly now. -dxlevel 80 somehow fixed this.