Crash on Startup

So I start it,
I get the regular background to it, the cone on G-Man, but I dont see the menu or anything, It says loading in the bottom right.
Then, it does this:
Any help?
Also, if anyone could tell me how to get my specs, thanks. I can run TF2 pretty well if that means anything.

I am having exactly the same problem…
If you or anyone finds a solution to this then please let me know.

Same problem… same screen and everything…
i have hl2 and portal installed and i am working on the others from the orange box
just wondering why isn’t working?

P.S. i just got my laptop it has vista

Same problem.

I have had this problem before run every source game this can also be caused by video memory it is working for me this is what i have found out

Try adding ‘-dxlevel 90’ in launch options. If that doesn’t work try ‘-dxlevel 80’ and continue working down in 10’s until 60.

What the fuck? All orange box games are doing this too…

gmod will work if all source games are run at least once
no games will work without meeting the minimum requirement for video memory and ram if they is enough ram close some programs and try again