Crash server.

There’s any way to know why my server is crashing? Can my server crash by corrupt lua script? Thanks.

  1. You running non steam?
  2. Tried updating it using Hldsupdatetool
  3. Edited something your not sure about lua post it here i will help you.

1· non steam? No, I’m bought a gmod server, steam…
2· Everyone can join so is updated. It crashes in around 10 minutes.
3· About lua, I think RagMod is crashing it. Because I removed it (I only removed RagMod, must be that) and now isn’t crashing.


Isn’t there like a console log it prints out before crashing?

Where’s it?


Where? I’m noob with servers… And my ftp manager didn’t find it.

Bought a server?
Ok then go ask your host and ask him for a refund if he can’t fix it.

Who is your provider? By the way I think RagMod is crashing it. It can be possible? Can lua crash a server? Maybe the memory of server is full because a lua script is filling it? Thanks for the help.

In the console type Condump and give us the errors. doesn’t have very powerfull servers unlike the other hosts.

Try they’ll keep all your addons running smoother and without lag.

Your server is weak and can’t handle the power need for ragmod and the other stuff.

O, really? Well, next month I will change host.

I do rcon condump and the console says:

Unknown command “condump”

By the way, I found crashlogs. I uploaded the latest crashlog I’ve got. Sorry about to upload it to megaupload, and wait 45 seconds to download it :S.

Thanks for try to help me.

That’s actually the dump that only garry can read. I don’t know where you would be able to find the console dump.

And there’s somewhere I can post the dump for garry?

garry will simply ignore you…

do you run your srcds with the -console argument? if you don’t, do it.

srcds? I need a command or something?

By the way, someone knows a better server? is not for me because I only can pay with paypal. I want to pay with credit card.