"Crash Site" A small Halo scene...

Ok, i’ll start saying that some of you might not like my posing, you may rate me dumb and all that, but keep in mind i haven’t learned editing YET.

So, here’s another one of my screenshots, enjoy!


And don’t forget giving some tips on what i should improve!

Ramp all your graphics up and antialising when taking the final picture, and use superDOF.

Ok well,

  1. I have normally low graphics, so if i turn it up, it usually ends in a crash for me :stuck_out_tongue:
    2: Well i could, but theres a chance that Gmod crashes for me if i do that.

why make a list for the exact same thing

I’m afraid you need a new video card, CPU, or both.

where did you get the pilot model?

This isn’t right…The Pilot never lives in a crash in the Halo Series.

Use DoF, max all graphics as much as you can when making pictures. The posing is not bad.
Also feel free to use effects.

It’s a bodygroup for the Halo marines;

I’m assuming by that you mean the Super DOF, not Simple DOF like what he used.

Edit is not all, posing is fine, i guess, max out graphics (as said above) and why they all look thin?

I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like you re-sized the image, thus causing everyone to look anorexic… leave the images size alone, also try zooming and using Anti-aliasing at the least. (to zoom, right-click and hold with the camera out, then move mouse)