Crash to Desktop and Lua Panic

Hello Everyone,
So yesterday i decided to re-install my gmod as it was full of old addons and i was getting some low fps. I deleted the gmod files in (steamapps/common/) and downloaded it overnight. i tried to log back into the server i played just yesterday and when i finished sending client info the game crashed and said “lua panic, not enough memory”. i definitely have enough memory as it was working yesterday and has been working perfectly for at least a year straight. so i tried a multitude of fixes including;
-unsubbing to all addons and deleting addons folder
-reinstalling gmod 5 times
-enlarging paged memory amount
-completely shutting down antivirus
-restarting pc countless times
-trying a bunch of startup preferences which did not work

After i tried some of these i can now join the server and walk around, HOWEVER it takes about 5 minutes to send client info, and then once in i get fps stutter like crazy, and after a few minutes of walking around my game will crash to desktop, or sometimes give me the “not enough memory lua panic”

I have searched everywhere for solutions that just dont work, i would gladly appreciate any help, thanks.
PC Specs:**
-I5 3470 3.20 ghz 4 core
-Nvidia GTX 960 2gb
-8gb(2x4gb) 1600mhz
-windows 7 64 bit
-1tb 7200rpm HDD.

EDIT Here is my crash MDMP file

Every single one of these crashes i have seen with “lua panic” has been with a nvidia 900 series card.
try updating your graphics drivers these cards are still pretty new