Crash to desktop since the recent update

Hello everyone,
tl;dr is at the end.

Since the recent update at the 2nd July 2015 I’m experiencing some silent crashes without any error message straight to my desktop.
The crashes happen between 1.5 and 4 hours into playing.

The recent crashes never happend when I moved or touched anything. They happend very randomly.
Since Gmod didn’t give me any error messages I looked at the dump-files.
Here are 2 of them.

Looking at them we notice some simularities.
Both have

Which might be the ram.
I looked at my ram usage and it was at about 1.3GB.
And I still had tons of GB left. So I doubt it is connected.

The next thing I looked into was the last message of the console in those dump files.
3819(2359.480893): CreateNoSpawn (instanced_scripted_scene): only works for CBaseEntities3818(2359.480871): Not creating entity ‘instanced_scripted_scene’ - too many edicts! (8160 current, 8192 max)
2930(2249.380560): CreateNoSpawn (instanced_scripted_scene): only works for CBaseEntities2929(2249.380539): Not creating entity ‘instanced_scripted_scene’ - too many edicts! (8160 current, 8192 max)

A quick google search hinted towards NPCs

So I did the next best thing, spawned 400+ NPCs and watched what happend.
To my supprise nothing did occure. Except big lags and a crash once you try to activate more than ~500 NPCs.

By that time I got quite demotivated and carried on with something else. But not without checking report_entities.
It returned this:

I checked it more or less regualy for the next few hours and it kept that way until I turned the AI on and off.
Now the “instanced_scripted_scene” edicts suddenly started to rise. Slowly but steadily.

How fast the edicts grew depended on the amount of NPCs placed.
If you activated the NPCs again the edicts would immediately drop to their “normal” amount and stay that way.
If you deactivate them, it rose.

So my hotfix is to keep the AI running and just leave them be.

Can anyone confirm or disconfirm my research?
Did even anybody else notice it?

Placing NPCs turning their AI on and off again causes a steady rise in “'instanced_scripted_scene” edicts untill
either Gmod crashes without error-msg or the AI is turned back on.
Can anyone confirm?

Do you happen to have Closed Captions enabled?

No, I don’t.


Did anyone find a solution yet?


I too have been crashing since the new update.


That has happened twice. I really hope someone can help us both out!

Problem still exists.

Have you tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod?