Crash to desktop when playing, leaves an audio buzz.

I’ve been playing on a WW3RP server that uses M9K weapons among other things. This crash seems to happen when weapons are being fired, but I’m not certain that’s the cause.
Some addons that the server uses

My specs:
OS : Win 7 Professional 64-bit
CPU : Intel i5-4690 3.5Ghz (Quad Core)
RAM : Corsair 1600 8192MB DDR3 (2x 4096MB Sticks)
HDD 1: Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB
HDD 2: Corsair SSD 60GB
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
PSU : Corsair VW550W
Mobo : Gigabyte H97-HD3
Sound Card : Asus Xonar DG

Programs running during the crashes(I’ll edit this list if I manage to rule any out):
Steam overlay enabled
Logitech profiler

I’ve updated my video driver, verified the intergrity of my Gmod game cache, restarted after all that and still get the issue.

Any tips or insights appreciated. Thanks.

This issue disappeared, and according to other players on the server I had the issue, it was suspectedly caused by an animation bug at the time.

Did you try deleting and unsubscribing from all the addons you have and reinstalling gmod?

The crashing issue has disappeared. Good suggestion, I’ll try that if it comes back in future.