Crash to desktop

I know this will be thread 343524 about the same issue, but I thought it might bring more attention to it. I have already submitted a support ticket, but they stopped responding after their ‘solution’ (update gfx drivers) didn’t work. So basically, when I launch the client, I get the grey screen with ‘BOOTSTRAPPING’, then ‘LOADING MENU’ and finally ‘LOADING MENU BACKGROUND’. As soon as I get to loading menu background, I get my mouse cursor and the client crashes to desktop in 2-3 secs. No error messages or dialogs. Nothing related in Event Viewer. The only thing close to an error message can be found in output_log.txt, after several messages which are marked ‘harmless’.

I’m not expecting any solutions to my issue in this topic, although that would be nice and welcome. Again, just trying to get more attention, since more people are experiencing the same.

Still the same with today’s update.

encourage everyone to keep sending tickets
they haven’t replied to my tickets after i pretty much did everything i could to fix it

I’ve fixed my problem. no thanks to ****ing facepunch or these forums
anyway ill share that i solved it by complete uninstall of comodo firewall.

Uninstalling a firewall doesn’t seem to be the smartest solution to me, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue: Since I’m using a different firewall I doubt it will work, but I’ll give it a try later today. Thasnks for sharing!

Didn’t work :frowning:

interesting i have been experiencing this too but have been putting it down to down to my memory.

I got 16GB so I highly doubt it’s memory.

Nothing changed so far… How are we supposed to test an alpha if we can’t even launch the game?