My TTT server, crashes very often, maybe someone already solved the problem, so after updating which was 2 game updates ago, now the corpses can fly sometimes and krasati server, if that’s what my crash dump!4gRxRByL!7DnM3TxIjRLHe2QGj_DnWtaIuo9MzEKevgEZ0q5rU2o
Help Me plz

Cannot be fixed.

I think I see the issue. I’ll push a potential fix to the prerelease branch later tonight or this morning. There may be other similar crashes, but this is definitely one.

I doubt it’s going to do much, it’s largely caused by VPhysics.

Quick question, what causes it to happen in TTT so much? I have never seen this happen in any other gamemode.

I have no idea. I’ve never been able to reproduce it myself.

TTT Gamemode