Crash TTT on a single server.


I’ve experienced some crashed over the last few days. I’m not able to join the TTT server i usually play on every day. Any other server works fine.
When i join it loads fine, after sending client info and when MOTD pops up it’ll freeze and a few seconds later it’ll crash to desktop without getting any errors.
Some other players on the server have the same issue but got in after a few tries. Any idea what causes this problem?

It is most likely the server, tell the owner to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the developer on that server, nothing has been added the past few days and nothing that will cause this problem has been added the past few weeks.
I’ve talked to some other people on my friends list. At least one of them had this problem aswell, but it worked fine after a few tries or joining a different server first.

edit: It seems to get worse on the server, even more people are crashing now.
edit2: Straight after i press cancel when i joined the server it crashes as well.


The loading screen caused the crashes.

What loading screen are you using