Crash Upon Death

In singleplayer, whenever i die, i respawn like normal and don’t crash. In any other multiplayer game other than darkrp, whenever i die, i respawn and don’t crash. Then, EVERY SINGLE TIME i die in darkrp, i instantly crash, the error thingy says " The instruction at 0x115L7b5f referenced memory at 0x0e890454 could not be read. Click ok to terminate the program." I’ve reinstalled multiple times, replaced my garrysmod folder, and system restored back by a week, and nothing helps. So…help please?

DarkRP takes more memory from your computer i think. It’s badly optimized. Lower your settings and tell your specs? And what addons do you have? Try another RP server?

The memory error is nothing to do with lack of memory. It’s more likely a null pointer or something in the engine - Garry’s currently trying to fix such crashes.

I crash a lot when big tasks are performed online. Usually it’s when a bunch of people die right in front of me which calls for a lot of clientside notifications. It just pops up in the alias of missing memory for some reason. I don’t really understand the root of it all though.

I have no mods except for phx, and wire. I run it on dx 7 and i have all my settings at the worst possible, it started recently so there’s no way its because of memory.

GMod doesn’t support dx7. Use 8 instead.

It ran darkrp find on dx7, it stopped after like 20 days

I guess it makes it more realistic for you.