Crash Upon Startup

I saw that my friends were able to play Garry’s Mod in Multiplayer servers now, so I decided to boot up mine and go play. However, as I start, it begins to load (in window for some reason), and then I get:

“HL2.exe has stopped responding.”

when it reaches “Post Init Systems”. I’ve used GCFScape already, so I’m unsure as to what could be going on…


I too, when I load(charge) a waiter(server), have a moment, puts his me: HL2.exe (and raport of error)

Help my please !!

wait what? I got you charge a waiter and something about a raport?

Lets try rewording this shall we?

You load your game, try to connect to a server and it closes on an error?

if this is the case we need what the error says

yes , error says : HL2.exe stopped working


How to redo walk garry mod? Please

I have been having the same issue, Please would the OP shed some light on the solution?

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