Crash when joining any server.

I use windows 10, but 2 weeks ago that game ran awesome. no crashes. I could join any server with ease and did not have to worry about leaving any server…until now. Now EVERY time i join a server, i never get off if i crash or when i get super tired because its a big big pain to get back on. Some days it would take 5 times to get in or like most days it will never let me in. I been trying for 6 hours so far to play with my friends and still nothing. Does the devs know about this problem? sure hope so. Below i have a list of things i tried, if you got a idea please let me know. I’m tired and rolling the dice and hope i join out of 1-10 chance scoring to play the game on any server.

List of things I tried to fix it.

  1. Verify Integrity of game cache [ did it like 10 times over the period of the 4-5 days]
  2. Reinstall the game [ i tried reinstalling it like 6 times in the past 4-5 days]
  3. Run in window mode to see if a error will pop up, but nothing shows.
  4. Close out steam and re-log into steam.
  5. Remove all addons on the game.
  6. Set the game so I wont download costume sounds, and still did not work. [some people said it work 4 them]
  7. reinstall it and then restart the computer
  8. restarting the pc.
    9.redone my internet connection [reset router]
  9. just have one addon. the addon for the map that the server plays on and does not work either.

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here is my main file for the game, tried twice few seconds ago. this might help maybe.