Crash when joining server (Crash Log Included!)

So I crash when joining a server as to, hl2.exe has stopped working, I uninstalled GMod and all that fancy stuff, and here is my .dmp file, can someone please tell me what my problem is!? :slight_smile:

As for the video card, my good one is on RMA so I am on on board (that one)
And I have tried joining a SinglePlayer then MultiPlayer, still no progress!

I’m pretty sure it’s because of a Source update, and Garry can’t do anything at the moment because he’s on vacation. So you’ll either have to wait, or just play GM13 for a while.

Ah I see, thank you very much, +1!

Same for me, hl2.exe crashes regardless of what server I’m trying to join. Hope it gets fixed soon!

so anyone fixed it?

I’m also getting hl2.exe is not responding for ever server that I try to join.

Type vgui_allowhtml 0 in the console before you join a server, try that.

That worked. Thanks a lot!