Crash when loading a game

My game is still crashing even after the update, it crashes when I am loading a new game both in single player or multiplayer, the error that comes up says
“Engine Error, CMDLCache:: Out of memory.”
Here’s a screen shot of the error below,

Any way to fix this at all?


ATTACK2012, I’ve had this exact same issue before… hey, what I did was right click on Garry’s Mod, Click Properties, goto “Local Files” Tab, and Click “Verify Integerity of Game Files” also keep in mind that you have to Defragment your Cache Files AFTER Verifying!

And once you do that, wait for it to get done and then click “Close”, exit STEAM, run STEAM again, and then if the Problem still persists for some reason, reinstall garry’smod-- and to be honest I don’t know if this has anything to do with physical memory, but try updating your drivers aswell. Don’t Accept any notices such as: “Steam Update: You can now update your AMD Drivers with STEAM!” or… well, something like that.

(If i’m wrong, Please feel free to post this as a ‘Dumb’ post… sorry if I couldn’t be of any help.)