Crash when my friend tries to load a map/ join my my server

As the title states.

Just last night, we figured out that my friend can’t join my server for some odd reason. He gets to the “Retrieving Server info” part, then he crashes. He can’t even play singleplayer, as he gets to the “Initiializing Game Data” part, then crashes. :saddowns: Please help!

i get this too. i can’t host a listenserver, it just crashes.

My friend can join easily, try connecting via ip. I’m not sure if that’ll work, but we play via hamachi because I’m too American to forward my ports. To connect via IP type connect <ip>

it’s crashing, not connection issues.

My server got that problem after the gmod update we tried to reinstall the server but still we crash when we gets to sending client info…

My client is crashing too. Bad. :frowning: