Crash when opening playermodel menu

I was seeing if I got any new player models from any of my addons that just got updated and when I opened the menu, it just crashed

I’m also getting this message:
Model Warning: [player/kleiner.mdl] might be invalid! [844]

Disable the addons; does the menu still crash?

No, and I uninstalled all my npc, weapon, and tool addons and it still breaks. And if I manage to get the menu up without it crashing, all the model’s animations are broken

Ok, I uninstalled all my addons and all my playermodels are broken except the charple model

What Source games do you own?

all HL2, CSS, TF2, portal, portal 2
EDIT: this is what it looks like in thirdperson

Follow this tutorial.

EDIT: Fixed it by disabling Half-life: Renaissance