Crash when players join late

this is a problem i havent been able to locate elsewhere on this site using the search bar yet, and i have been forced to conclude that i may be the only one to have it, so here goes
after 5 minutes of me setting up my listen server, my friends can no longer join without crashing the entire server and my gmod also.
they can join, but they have to do it quick. this is frustrating since when friends come online they naturally want to join my server because i am the only one who can host, yet cannot for fear of crashing the server for everyone else, forcing me to start a new server, taking up to ten minutes each time. this is not fun.
can anyone help me with this? i’m running assmod, phx, sbmpa2, wire and a handful of addons from

also i apologise if this problem has been solved elsewhere or if the solution is mind numbingly obvious.

I don’t know exactly what causes this, but I noticed that the more SENTS you have on your server the more often this happens. I fixed it by removing SBMP. I know SBMP is good, but it has several hundred entities that aren’t really useful…
Well, when I removed SBMP, this happened much less.
It also depends on how powerful your computer is.

I had this issue several years back.

Several things I remember:
I had a heap of addons
It was via SteamBuster (before everyone else got it legit)

check for both.

I’m guessing it’s a combination of sbmpa2 and my server running from a wireless laptop…

This doesn’t cause the crashing error, but it does make everyone lagg to hell. Get a cable if you want to host. Seriously.

I am attempting to rectify the cable problem right now

Same issue, is there a minimal version of SBMP? Like a “just the basics” pack?

or am i able to go into a folder and delete some files?
i may try just that