Any time I try to open a map in Garry’s Mod, it crashes halfway through.
It’s Gmod 9. Any suggestions? Also, I can load other Steam games e.g. Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2…

I would suggest to get Gmod 10.

Very funny.

I would suggest to get Gmod 10 too.

Same as above.

I was not joking :l

Ok, you are not going to get any responses here. This forum help only supports Gmod 10. I mean come on, you really don’t have $10?


Garry will only support GMod 10. If the community wants to support GMod 9, he lets them.

Please learn to read and interpret the phrase “by me”. Thank you.


What error are you getting?

Do you have Cs:s Hl2 Hl2:DeathMatch if you don’t have all of those then Gmod 9 won’t work

He crashes halfway through a map load.

GM9 won’t even hit the main menu if he lacks one of those games.

Maybe people like you will but Gmod 9 is buggy, old and not supported. If your a real gmodder you would have 10.

It’s only 10 bucks, it’s cheap as hell. Everyone suggests you to buy it.

I didn’t have Cs:s but tried Gmod 9 I got to the menu then when I clicked something that involved loading then I would crash

Most of the community won’t, due to the fact that gmod 9 has so many bugs, which are mostly due to the way gmod 9 is, and therefore cannot be fixed.