Crashed Helicopter?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could provide a crashed helicopter prop (or effect)?

Something like these:
From the CoD 4 map Crash:

From one of the single player missions in CoD4:

Etc etc.

Thanks in advance.

BF2 and PR have crapload of the crashed vehicles. I’ll try to port them.

L4D2 has a crashed helicopter, however it’s of the Pavelow variety.

tlsa had a CoD4 release with a crashed chopper, but nobody has it.

I’d be really grateful. Thanks.

Anything will do. Though, I dont have L4D2, so thats kind of out of the question.

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Yeah, I remember that.

Shepherd’s Pavelow Would Be Useful too.

Shepherd’s Pavelow just an ordinary Pavelow not one special made for him or anything. ._.


Since it’s easy enough I’ll do it. What kind of helicopter?

Preferably a Black Hawk.

If its not too much to ask, can you also port a crashed Sea Knight and a crashed Apache?

I’ll take whatever you can get, though. Thank you for just taking this up.

Could also use that bus from that MW3 map

(Don’t know the name of it)

So any progress?