what do i do about someone who is continously crashing my server

Get ddos protection, block the guy on steam, and ban him.

i have ddos protection but he still crashes

crashing != ddos, we’ll need more info about what he’s actually doing to help

is he instacrashing your server or forcing it offline for extended periods

its an insta crash

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no lag just a sudden crash and its straight back up

That’s an exploit and has nothing to do with DDoS. Ban him and anyone on his friendslist from your server; if that doesn’t work grab a coder and have them monitor the console and crash logs to figure out what the skid is doing to take down your system.

restrict stacker, axis, hydraulic, precision and wheel then see if he can still insta crash it
(note: im pretty sure the precision crash has been patched but it cant hurt to disable it anyway to check)

does your server have wire?

This is probably the most effective solution here.

people will stop doing shit to you when you ignore them, sometimes it can just takes months

Usually only takes a day or two. Kids gets bored with their toys pretty fast nowadays

I hate how people instantly think a crash is a DDoS, Its rare if a server crashes from a DDoS.

It was funny at first, now its just annoying.

Sadly had a guy on our servers this week able to crash with precision, had to block it for a while until I find out the settings he was using.

What gamemode are you running?

yeah theres been a few different crashes with precision over the years, there was the one where you could place things far outside the map, the one where you could set a props rotation to -9999999999999999999999 and its still possible to cause a physics panic crash by placing complex objects inside each other then unfreezing them all
(i actually know of a somewhat related physics panic crash that only requires the weld tool, i never released it because as much as i like to minge i also own servers and i don’t want an army of spastics running around crashing everything in reach with literally the most basic and essential tool in the game)

There are some stupidly simple TTT crash bugs that don’t even require custom items or anything as well. Maybe report that weld one to Rubat or something since they actually maintain Sandbox.

People love having dick waving contests over taking down each other’s servers and causing denials of service. It’s so fucking stupid. DarkRP is toxic.

First off, make sure you have: , it’ll prevent them from using bodies to crash it, depending on the gamemode. Use if you’re a DarkRP server also. Ban him by IP. You can get his IP from console.log when he connects, or if you’re using ULX, from the ULX logs. Ban his steamID as well. Make sure you have an Anti-Cheat such as !Cake . That should help.

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Also, remove him on Steam, he’s just going to taunt you.