Crashes constantly on a mac

Rust crashes every 5 - 10 mins since the last update, on an iMac running the latest OSX. I never had any problems before yesterday’s update.

It freezes up my entire machine, Cmd+alt+Esc does nothing, (the mac equivalent to Ctrl+alt+Del). I have to literally pull the plug, re-boot it, re-log into Steam, re-fire up Rust… takes about 10 minutes to get back in.

I have heard from other mac users that this is also happening to them, (via the in-game chat).

And yes, it serves me right for using a mac, what do I expect, I should be running the most malware-ridden and virus-prone operating system by microsoft instead, blah, blah, blah, etc. I thought I would just say it first to save you all the bother. :wink:

I don’t have viruses or malware on my system.

Yes, I wasn’t saying that all microsoft’s operating systems come with viruses as standard. Just that it’s way more prone to viruses, malware, and general performance issues…

I know, just had to throw my 2 cents in there. Wasn’t trying to derail,lol. I feel for mac gamers, it seems like there’s way more games for windows. Have you ever tried dual booting?

Yes, I have my iMac dual-booted. I also have a HP i7 laptop I can play on…

I just wanted to provide feedback that it crashes on the mac. I guess I was just trying to be overly cocky and preempt all the PC users having a dig at my cheeseburger…

AFAIK the mac client of Rust has had problems for a while (several bugs and glitches only on the Mac client).

Yep, my client regularly freezes out of no where. This is particularly annoying when in confrontations.

i’m on mac too. mines been crashing since the raknet update. happens every other time i interact with another player though, attacking someone/being attacked, close range and projectile both cause it, even just shooting a dear or having a close encounter with a bear seems to make it crash occasionally. i put up with it for a bit but losing a fight due to a crash or losing a bunch of c4 and all my gear cuz a wolf attacked me and it crashed is just too rage inducing, been forced to take a little break from rust lol hope they fix this soon

And all it did was make you look like an ass

i had a couple of game crashes on my macbook since the update, but nothing as bad as what you are talking about. It seemed to be more linked to server/connection issues.

I have been thinking a bit about using bootcamp or something to run windows, but I’m a bit unsure about wether or not it will just fuck my computer up and use all my memory. I dont really know how it works.

Bootcamp does need a lot of space on your hard drive. You need a big enough (8 GB?) flash drive, and to decide how much room you want to give on your HD to Windows. But once it is set up, it works really well. I am playing Rust on a Macbook through bootcamp and it is pretty good. It is easy to restart into Windows.