crashes eveytime i use the q menu

gmod crashes every time i use the q menu on most maps. can someone help me please its got on my nerves and i havent been able to play gmod properly.


its come to the point that it crashes every time i press q on ALL MAPS :frowning:

could it be a problem wth one of my mods?


defraging seems to help this problem but after you start up gmod again or load a new map it goes back to crashing upon pressing q again.

Hello help pls

buy a new pc

Delete your garrysmod folder

you mean just comletley remove it and reinstall intead of uninstall and reinstall via steam

If you downloaded any new addons lately they may have to generate new icons for them, if so you can try removing the addons that you installed or just deleted the gmod folder and reinstall gmod as others said. I’m not at the absolute point that I think that that’s what you should do but if you have the time do it. Also you should list your computer specs so everyone knows what’s going on. If you don’t know how to find your specs you can download this free program I use that tells you everything about your computer here-

Hope it helped.

*Try deleting your recent addons or mods first.

System Specs

Intel Core Duo Processor E7400 @ 2.80Ghz
4gb RAM
ATI RADEON 4670 grafics card
CPU Speed: 2971 mhz

Ok then I would say for you to just reinstall gmod or delete all your addons and then try to play.

Also your computer is good so don’t worry about that and don’t listen to those trolls who say to buy a new one.

thanks for the help.

its started to do it again but this time i have reinstalled garrys mod and deleted ALL Addons/mods

Does the spawn menu load, or does it crash as soon as you press ‘Q’?

crashes a soon as i press q.

did you just delete your addons or your whole gmod folder. If not you should because you may have an lua file infection that causes that. Reinstall it and delete you whole garrysmod folder.