Crashes in all hl2.exe related games

I’m not sure what’s wrong, but all of the games I play which use the hl2.exe file seem to crash unexpectedly. Randomly, not when I do a certain something. Age of Chivalry, Garry’s Mod, Insurgency, all of them. Any help would be awesome.

Windows Vista Home Premium (32 Bit)
Intel Q9300 Core 2 Quad 2.50GHz
XFX 8500GT 512MB Video Card
4GB Patriot Memory, 1066MHz
780i EVGA Motherboard
320GB Harddrive

Did you unblock hl2 from your firewall?

Mine does it too, its something to do with vista 32 bit. If you ask for help the basically tell you to uninstall it so you’ll just have to put up with it

What does this has to do with

Hey when i had vista i couldn’t even start gmod it would give me the hl2 error so stop complaining.

Yeah, completely unblocked.
And I’m complaining because I wanna play a game which I have pay for. If it’s because of Vista than I really hope they get some support for Vista for hl2 games. Although, I’ve recently realized that Insurgency doesn’t seem to crash at all. Although, that still leaves Garry’s mod and CSS.

when my gmod broke i had to reformat my computer.

Well I would rather not have to do that… I just wanna know if there’s anyway to fix it, or if this is going to be fixed in the future. Sorry if I seem noobish or w/e, but it’s bugging the hell outta me.

This might help with CSS crashing :
In steam go to File->Settings

Select the “In Game” tab

Uncheck “Enable Steam Community In Game”

Click OK

Run Game

Thats what Valve told me to do and it got my CSS working. Then you can enable the community thing again afterwards.

damn people and there smartness -116 that is a new record! well except kychu that has -1654 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem I don’t know what happen but i downloaded one of vistas new updates and it happens much less if at all now so if you haven’t already downloaded vistas new service pack download it and see if it works.

“I really hope they get some support for Vista for hl2 games”

Yeah good luck with that…Its been how long and still nothing works right in vista? Even Internet Explorer is all sorts of screwed up, goes to show how Microsoft tries to prioritize everything and they FAIL…
Stick it on an XP box since XP apparently was the last worthwhile operating system made by Microsoft…

You can reformat your computer You don’t need to re-buy the steam games because you already bought them.You need to re-install steam so you can re-install the steam games that you had.

If its a compatibility problem try Switching the steam applications compatibility to XP, but I’m not certain it will work; it did for my friend.

Well, IE sucked from day one… not just on Vista. Personally I find Vista rather faster and a bit more automated than XP. Was buggy at first, but it’s pretty nice now… Still have the same damned hl2.exe not responding bs… But I havn’t seen it now… I think I found that disabling the in-game steam UI stopped the problem. Also heard 64-bit doesn’t have this general problem, which is great considering I’m going up to 64-bit here pretty soon :slight_smile:

for the hl2.exe error ppl(really dumbed up version):
-Open Steam
-Click on the ‘my games’ tab
-click once on garrys mod
-click on properties in the bottom-right of the steam page
-click on the first button you see,which is set launch options…
-now you should see a box that is titled:launch options - Garrys Mod
-type this into the text box: -dxlevel 81
do that and it solves the hl2.exe problem for gmod FOR VISTA