Crashes in fairly open map, displacements likely suspect?

I’m developing a map that involves many cliffs and slopes, and as such I’m using many 512x512 displacements to make my terrain. Whenever I walk to a certain point in the map (An area with more view upon the displacements) my game simply crashes with “hl2.exe has stopped responding” or the like.

Originally there were all power 4 displacements, but after looking at this thread, I changed them all to power 3. unfortunately the problem remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you request, I can attempt to get screenshots of the affected area in-game or in hammer in a few hours. I don’t have time to do so at the moment or else I would.

If a lot of it is flat open space you could probably budget it down to power of 2, it works pretty well for flat ground. As for cliffs I don’t know, you’d have to ask someone else.

How many displacements would you say are in the area that it crashes at? And how complex are they?

Unfortunately no real flat ground is around here. There are approximately 96 512x512 faces making up the map’s total terrain so far. I realize that could be huge (Not entirely sure to be honest) if so, how would I go about mapping this type of terrain otherwise?

Here’s a hammer screenshot of the area.

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Note: I just took a look at the first level of episode 2. They had about 110 displacement faces in the first area alone, although they were power 2 faces. I went into my map and lowered all the faces to power 2, unfortunately I still have the same issue, same place.

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So I noticed while testing a different fix that the console spewed a line about a fern model and how it didn’t like being a static model or some such, so I removed it. After extensive testing I’ve determined that that single fucking fern model was the issue.

My rage is almost palpable.

You can make the fern model a prop_detail I believe.

Does the same thing happen when running it in fullbright?