Crashes to desktop EVERYTIME

Haven’t had any problems with rust, apart from the ridiculous amounts of hackers on every server. Until yesterday… I can click on a server to join, it loads the server list fine. But once its about to finish loading the server i just joined, boom crashes to desktop. I’ve tried so many “fixes” to most rust glitches but it seems this doesn’t have a fix at the moment. I haven’t installed any new programs, i haven’t uninstalled anything, hell i haven’t done anything differently compared to any other day I’ve played rust. I verify the integrity of the game files, and everything is meant to be there. WTF is the problem?

Also something needs to be done about hackers. Every server I’ve joined (Aus only) have hackers on it. Why are we getting punished for playing the game legit? I come on and days of work has gone to waste cause of no clippers. No doors ever blown down just everything taken. No admin spawns the items you lost. Something needs to be done asap about hacking. Far more important then content updates if you ask me. I know people are going to say they are working on it rah rah rah. But there needs to be some haste in regards to these issues. I know a fair few players who refuse to play the game until a full release due to the bullshit hackers. Hell i know people who cant even load the game cause of stupid glitches/bugs that wont get any attention. From crashes, not being able to load the game at all, server lists not working etc. I know the games in alpha and bugs are expected, but some people haven’t even been able to play the game since it came out on steam. That is far from fair. This thread isn’t to start a flame war, this is so hopefully some mod/admin reads it and gets onto them asap.