Crashes when killed or killing

My gmod works perfectly fine no lag, except when i either shoot someone or get shot I will try to provide as many details as possible so someone can solve this problem.

  1. When i shoot someone with a bullet the game freezes up and starts repeating the noise of the gun going off then follows up by crashing gmod only and then having to restart gmod. (this also occurs when i take someone shoots me)

  2. I can kill people people with the pulse rifle ball that incenerates people, commit suicide, and kill headcrabs but only slowly i found out that if i killed to many headcrabs to fast it crashed again

  3. Every time i try to get the error report from the console menu i can not find the error it seems to have reset itself

  4. I can do everything else perfectly fine with no lag
    I have also been trying to find a solution for a couple days now and am now asking you guys
    If you need more information ask me and i will try to find out or let you know
    Thank you for helping i would really like to play gmod completly and have the option of killing and getting killed

Any one have a solution??

I have the same problem…

How i fixed it: i ran it in DirectX 7… add this at end of shortcut: -dxlevel 70

but when i play, my hud dissappears. And your’s may too.