Crashes when loading

I’ve had plenty of these before but this one is new to me and I’m having trouble figuring it out, game starts loading, then crashes right at “Initializing Clientmode”. Already tried completely removing it and reinstalling, but even that didn’t work. Any ideas?

TF2 updated which broke gmod.
Give Garry time and it’ll be fixed. Nothing you can do but watch.

Being as Garry is probably still sleeping, I’d say it’s not going to get fixed until tomorrow night.

Team Fortress 2 Australian Christmas: Broken Garry’s Mod! Come play TF2. Best fucking business idea ever.

Sigh lol. Well thanks for the quick reply.

My TF2 didn’t update for at least 2 months (disabled auto-updates for all Source games other than Gmod because I don’t play them anymore and it wastes bandwidth for nothing), but Gmod still crashes. It’s my only Source game that updated since the last time I was able to play it successfully.

Just a question, is there anyone for which Gmod actually works or this is a global bug?

Theres quite a lot of global bugs. I personally haven’t played any source for few months now because of this shit, And i recieve no support at all to my problems. If i were you i wouldn’t waste time on lurking on these forums trying to get some help, Because you most likely wont find any.

Your best bet is trying to map and trace the problem by yourself.

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Just in, I tried to monitor changes on my friends computer. Guess what? We simply installed the monitoring program and now the fucking source engine wont start.

good so its not just me? i just bought garrys mod not even 1 hour ago and i try playing it for the first time and it wont start LOL. Just to clarify this is the hl2.exe error when loading correct?

Heh, you are just unlucky. Don’t worry, you won’t regret your purchase. Just hang on a couple hours.

yeah ive been known to be pretty unlucky lol, im not regretting it just cant wait to try it out heh…does it run fine on 64 bit systems? cause im on vista 64

Should run perfectly on 64bit, probably even better when GMod 13 update for GMod is released.

yep… its broken again… and I am very angry now -.-
Not that I am addicted, but my school fucked around so I have 2 hours off… and then Gmod broke… -.-
I could fap to it…
Gonna play GMod 9.0.4c until its fixed.

Disabled auto updates, should NEVER happen again. Weird, I disabled if before and it’s automatically reset itself, anyone else have this issue?

Yea man

Forget that…
CS:S Beta Here I Come!

I believe Garry has sent the code to Valve, Time to wait now

it crashes right about here

Hey All,

so u think the problem will be solved around the next day or two?
today was the day i finally decided to buy the game and now I’ve been sitting here trying to solve the problem for about 3 or four hours -.-
lucky i found this forum.

FYI i tried like every single solution there is: re installing, cache check, start up settings, running as admin, etc.,
so dont even bother trying to find a solution yourselves -.-
well for the sake of the last bit of xmas spirit i still have in me i hope the problem is fixed asap.

Merry Xmas,

Wakalaka44 :wink: