Crashes with no explanation

I’ve been trying to play GMod with some new mods recently (new as in I recently installed them.) and whenever I try to load into a game gmod just completly closes. No explanation, just loading then poof. Gmod’s closed. No error message or anything. (if it matters I use a windows 7 ultimate from 2009)

I assume some of the most recent mod/s you installed is messing up your game.

I probably wouldnt recommend using windows 7 because it isnt supported. If you don’t like windows 10 or 11 there is always linux. But yeah its probably the mods.

If you have a crash dump, you can always try to send it here, I could analyze it with Spar’s toolgun on Garry’s Mod Discord.

crash dump?

This is a file which can be created automatically at the root of the game folders with the crash details and your hardware configuration, etc…