It seems like no one else is talking about this in the GD.
So, lately I have been crashing about once every 5 minutes.

I join a multilayer server such as a build server and I go to setup a Youtube song. From there I come back to find myself crashed. This happens practically every 5 minutes, it’s near impossible to do anything w/o crashing.

Anyone else with this bug/problem?

Bump. Its becomming even more common, now if I don’t crash upon 5 mins in game I crash during join and when I pass join I crash when typing.

Are you sure no addons, Or infact. Any LUA Files are not conflicting? Try moving all your addons some place else, If not. Try moving your whole LUA Folder. IIRC Garry’s mod should rebuild a new lua folder.

Do you crash ONLY when the youtube player is working?

Youtube player? What? Youtube can’t conflict with Garry’s mod…

Also I fixed the problem by removing un-needed addons and clearing out a lot of my directories. I also did a fresh GMOD install.