hi when i join a server i have to download files and exaktly when the last file is done gmod freeze and crashes. i have look for help for almost a year and now i really hate that i cant play multiplayer so i think i will post this question here untill i find the answer.

  • Processor AMD Turion™ X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00 GHz
  • RAM 4.00 GB
  • Graphics Card don’t know the name on it but it is 512 MB and can get up to 1500 MB or some thing close
  • Operating System windows vista home premium

i downloaded wiremod and PHX and some other stuff before and the more i downloaded the longer time it took to join a server and after a while (after like 5 other addons) the probs started so i reinstalled and took away all addons and i still cant play multiplayer. i got some probs with my comp so i used a backup that make the comp like when i bought it and still i can’t play multiplayer. so is it some addon that have done something with my comp so i can’t play multiplayer even if i use a backup or is it some thing with vista that makes it or is it some thing else??? sorry if i have write strange or so but i have turned on my sleeping times totaly the time i go to school that time i go to bed and that time i eat dinner that time i go up (no i don’t have school now, i have summer…break). i am not totaly sure but i think it is allways a lua file that makes gmod crash

where does it crash? if it is at sending client info that’s usually your addons etc. but if it is at a download chances are the files corrupted