Crashing after a random amount of time

Hi! I keep crashing for no reason. I have a dump file
Please help!

Dump file doesn’t say why you’re crashing, although, you are missing a lot of TDM car sounds. You should try installing it.

Can you post your specs?

I have every TDM mod installed… hm.
Intel Core i5 @ 3.10ghz
Windows 7 Home Premium dualbooted with Windows 8.1 Pro (only used for one game)
That’s all I can think of. Thanks!

Very undetailed post, would be nice to at least know at what point you crash? Make sure your drivers are up to date, and try running without addons or workshop subscriptions

I usually crash when someone shoots M9K. But I removed EVERY addon (171 of them) and reinstalled GMod, and it didn’t work.

Does it only happen with M9K? Have you tried a server without it?

It only ever happens on one server.

Sounds like a serverside issue then if it happens absolutely nowhere else.