Crashing after enabling anti aliasing

It seems that enabling anti aliasing creates a situation where the game flashes back to desktop which causes a crash. I know Garry mentioned that tabbing between the desktop could cause a crash so I believe that’s what I’m seeing here. The bad part is that whenever I relaunch the game I have the same experience. Seems like it keeps trying to do this whenever it initializes anti aliasing.

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I tried lowering the graphics quality from the initial popup but it seems like it continues to enable anti aliasing. The fix I found was to turn on window mode which got me into the game and then I could disable anti aliasing and relaunch in full screen.

Maybe your GPU cant handle it.Whats your GPU or its a maybe its a bug in the game.

660 ti. I’m pretty sure it’s because it flashes back to the desktop briefly and then tries to initialize full screen again. It likely will be fixed once Garry takes care of the problem tabbing out that he mentioned.