Crashing after joining Multiplayer Server, "HL2.exe has stopped working"

I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, and I’m not going to check at the moment because I’m strapped for time. I’ve recently been going on GMod multiplayer servers quite a bit, and I’ve been sticking to an RP server I like a lot. I haven’t had too many problems, but since about anywhere between 3:20am and 4:00am Central Time, my GMod has been crashing right after “Sending Client Info”. The Error Message I get is something like “HL2.exe has stopped working”. Just like that, it CTD’s and gives me the error. I’ve tried looking through the Valve Knowledge Base for a bit, and went through a little bit of the “Troubleshooting Crashes” guide; I’ve tried verifying the GCF but nothing came up.



Nothing yet? I know not everyone has the problem, because there are still people online when I look at the server list. It’s getting irritating, connecting to a server thinking “It’ll work this time” and then you CTD. It’s also getting boring.

omg i have the same problem my singleplayer is alright it works fine but when i try to connect to multiplayer servers it says hl2 exe. :expressionless:

I get the same issue, not when I join a server for the first time, but when I am reloading it or moving to a different server.

It has something to do with one of the game’s DLLs, judging from the error given. I’m looking in to it right now but what it looks like to me is that one of the dll’s are being reloaded and it’s [possibly] an incomplete dll. God knows Team Garry/Valve love partially updating things.