Crashing at Random with no Error messages

Ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my Gmod started crashing at random with no hint of an Error message. It started a couple of weeks ago and I was crashing ever couple of hours, then my game was crashing every hour, then every 30 minutes and finally it is crashing every 5 minutes making any game play on any server impossible. I created a Support ticket with Face punch and they suggested I post this. My DxDiag was perfect and I deleted all my addons along with giving my game a clean wipe. Is anyone else having this problem? If so do you have Windows 10 installed as your OS?

Any Response would be appreciated thanks.

Does this happen in single player? Every server?

I only play on one server it’s a methRP server with lots of addons. (I deleted all the addons in my folder and I am unsubscribed from everything.) Even when I leave to do somthing and its in the homepage where I can choose single or multi, it crashes.

But does it crash when you don’t join MethRP at all?

When I first join the game and NOT the server and leave it will crash