Crashing before Marathon Achievement

Please help me. I recently tried to get the “Marathon” achievement, which requires you to play on the same server + map for 8 straight hours. I was about to get the achievement (like 7 Hours and 59 Minutes), when my game crashed. This was not the first time this has happened however. I had tried to get the achievement the day before, and just like the second time, I had crashed before I could get the achievement. If the people of Facepunch could please give me the “Marathon” achievement somehow or tell me how to fix this problem, it would be very appreciated. Thank you for helping.

*Skiddscrash *

Nobody will give you the achievement by claiming you were “about to get it”. Anyone could claim they’ve gotten it.

Try removing all of your addons and play a default GMod map for the duration. You shouldn’t have a problem then.

Thanks for the help!