Crashing, due to mods, how to clean up, not addons.

OK, so, I have removed most of my addons and stuff, but the problem is is that, I have tons of huge NPC packs and other shit inside of my garrysmod folder in materials sounds lua models, etc. How do i clean these out? like delete them? I cant for the life of me do it, its all confusing the folders all have unrelating names etc, and i dont want to mess up anything, so, please help, spawning NPC’s in Flatgrass crashed me with memory error, and so does anything else, too. Please help, i want to be able to play GMOD again without deleting ALL of my mods…

1.Take out your addons folder with the things you want.
2.Delete garrysmod/garrysmod
3.Put the files back in
5.PROFIT (and no crashing :D)

Is there any possible way to keep some mods that are mixed in with the materials/sounds/lua etc? Probably not, i;m just asking, and thanks.


OK i did it, and ever since, My shadows have been messed up, it says something about cannot find dynamic prop: idle1 and other stuff, i was playing on singleplayer, by the way, i have EP2 installed, just recently…

That’s probably because you have addons that use some of the files that you deleted. The best solution is to do a fresh-install of garrysmod and re-download everything. (This sounds like a lengthy alternative but it is really a good idea if you do this every few months in order to eliminate those pesky addons nobody cares to update).

As for the future, I recommend keeping your addons in the addons folder, and or making downloads into one large addon. For instance, I made an addon that has all of my models and materials, so if i ever come across a problem I do not delete something that is important. I have also made a program that logs all the files in a folder and saves it to a txt file so I can reference it later if I need to delete an addon that I extracted to my main garrysmod folder.